NNSL Scholarships

NNSL Scholarships

Good news!!!  Please see the briefing below about some new scholarships which are available to our students!  Go get them Irish!

Northern News Services is excited to announce the release of our annual special feature: Degrees of Success which was published yesterday in NWT News North & Nunavut News North.

Through this feature, we hope to encourage the exciting prospect of post-secondary education to young and mature students across the North!

Approximately 100 scholarships are available throughout the NWT and Nunavut. This feature serves as a great tool to the students of St. Patrick High School who are seeking more information on how, when and where to apply to these scholarship programs.

This guide also provides insightful and informative articles on trade skills, current and developing programs and academic facilities and includes spotlight features on students who are pursing their educational goals and dreams.

We strongly believe education is important for self development so we are happy to provide this feature free of charge on our website at  http://www.nnsl.com/degrees/degrees.pdf, to all high schools, colleges and university’s across the North.

We are also asking for your help to spread the word and share this link through your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., and to as many fellow educators, parents and students especially the graduating class. You can download the feature on our website or you can also let us know if you have access to a file sharing website if you would like a PDF version of this feature.

Together we can provide a guiding light to our promising Northern talent!