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Seana Stewart

About Me

I have been living and teaching in the north since 1998, minus one year when we went back to Halifax.  My husband and I lived and taught in Behchokǫ̀ for 3 years before moving to Yellowknife.  I taught at Aurora College for one year then joined Yellowknife Catholic Schools in 2004.  Since then I have been blessed with two children and have taught at all three schools:  Ecole St Joseph, Weledeh, and Ecole St Patrick High School.  

I believe that school is an inclusive environment.  Everyone should feel and be accepted as part of our school community in age appropriate classrooms, and participate in all of the activities that make our school great.  I believe that students are successful when they know that someone cares about them and supports their needs.  I believe that Ecole St Patrick High School drives our students to have faith, believe in themselves, and directs them to follow their personal learning journey.