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Amy Wilkinson


About Me

I have worked at each of the Yellowknife Catholic Schools since being hired in 2006.  I began at Weledeh Catholic School, teaching primarilty Grade 7 and 8 Math, spent a year at Ecole St. Joseph School teaching Grade 7, and then made my final move to Ecole St. Patrick High School, where I currently teach Grade 8 Math and Science.

I grew up in Manitoba, attending Brandon University.  I received my Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) and Bachelor of Education (BEd) in 2004.

I strive to engage and empower each of my students.  I am determined to create a safe learning environment where students are comfortable and confident to take risks and make mistakes along their learning journey, and cherish the lessons my students teach me as well!  My door is always open to answer questions, or for a visit and a laugh! 

I look forward to supporting the Irish each year on the field, the court, the arena, at NACC, and of course, in the classroom.  GO IRISH!