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Janice Beland


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I am excited to be at St. Pat's this year as a Lit Support teacher. Although it is only my second year at St. Pat's, I have been a teacher with YCS since 2004.  The majority of my teaching experience has been as a literacy/language arts specialist but I have also taught in primary, elementary and middle school homerooms.  I have taught all grade levels from Kindergarten to grade 12.  I am originally from central Saskatchewan and completed by B.A. in English and my B. Ed. A.D. at the University of Saskatchewan.  In 2013, I completed an M. Ed (Reading and Literacy) from the University of Walden in Minneapolis, MN.  Before moving to the Northwest Territories in 1998, my husband, Tim, who is a retired RCMP officer, and our two children lived in Swift Current, SK.  Our plan of spending four years in the north has turned into 23 so far and we are very happy to call Yellowknife home.  Our family expanded from two to four children after moving north and all four graduated from St. Pat's. Currently, the oldest and the youngest - Mallory and Jonathan - are attending post-secondary in Alberta and the two middle boys - Ben and Josh - live and work in Yellowknife.